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The Van Der Lovett story

Van Der Lovett was founded by a wife and husband team, both passionate about high quality bathing products and both with different yet complimentary skills and strengths.

Julia Lovett (also known as Julia van der Steldt) is a German born, British-Dutch national. Growing up in England, she attended the University of Nottingham before moving to the Netherlands in 2003. With almost 20 years of marketing communications experience, combined with certified graphic design training, her combined skillset was a perfect toolkit for creating and developing the Van Der Lovett brand. 

Harrie van der Steldt is a born and bred Dutchie. Unlike Julia, he's lived within a 20km radius his whole life but has travelled across or through most countries on earth. He loves other countries and cultures but still believes that the Netherlands is the best place on earth to live and work. Harrie is the owner and CEO of a successful white label soap production plant and loves developing high quality products.

Harrie and Julia were married in 2016 and co-founded Van Der Lovett BV on the same date. The company name is a mashup of their two individual surnames and reflects the dynamic nature of their collaborative working style (which isn't without its healthy friction!)

The Van Der Lovett philosophy

Van Der Lovett's mission is to boost enjoyment of the bathing, shaving and grooming experience. Our aim is to achieve this through multi-sensory product experience, through touch, sight and smell, combined with highly functional and high-performance product characteristics. 

Van Der Lovett operates on three core values: 

  • Van Der Lovett values customer engagement above all else, which we see as a two-way street. Our service department reflects this in their 24/7 attitude to customer care response times should there be questions or queries. And on the other hand, we love to hear what our customers think of our products and use this valuable feedback in our continuous product development process. 

  • Acting with integrity is a core value of our company, and we have no patience for hidden agendas

  • The ability to positively embrace change is a crucial mindset in these turbulent times we find ourselves in. We believe in promoting positivity in our relationships, operations and communications, and aim to constantly learn from the world around us and our ever-changing society and environment.

The Van Der Lovett product range

Our product offerings are centred around high quality, high-performance and enjoyable user experience. Our raw materials are all European supplied and not tested on animals. Our products are paraben free, SLS free and do not contain any microplastics. Our hard products are all handmade.

Fragrance is the cornerstone of our product development and we pride ourselves on our specially developed blends. Our in-house team of experts create balanced, invigorating and enlivening scents which further enrich the experience of using our product.


Quality fragrances are developed in layers, which are experienced at different points while using the product:

  • Top notes are those scents you smell as soon as you start using the product.

  • After this initial surge passes, the heart notes come forward as the essence of the fragrance.

  • The base notes are the ones you remember most, since they last the longest.​

The scent Sailor’s Blend features top notes of bergamot and green apple, with heart notes of jasmine and bamboo. The powerful base notes include cedar wood and amber.

The scent Dutch Blue features top notes of bergamot, with heart notes of dried fruit and honey. The base notes include vanilla and tobacco.

The scent Sweetwood features top notes of subtle citrus, with refined heart notes of lilac and lavender. The powerful base notes include sandalwood and moss.

The scent Royal Orange features top notes of orange grind, with heart notes of orange blossom, pine and peach. The base notes include vanilla and musk.

The scent Grey Edition features top notes of fresh lime with heart notes of jasmine and herbs. The base notes include tonka bean and musk.

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