• Gift bucket 'Dutch Blue'

    SKU: 80105

    An impressive gift bucket ideal for Christmas, birthdays or Father's day: containing Van Der Lovett's famous after shave balm (240ml) in a glass bottle with convenient pump for easy dosing, Van Der Lovett's bath foam (750 ml) in a glass bottle, an original Van Der Lovett shaving soap (70 gram), all in scent 'Dutch Blue', all packaged together in a metal bucket with a shaving brush. Made in Holland for shaving pleasure the world over. 


    Advice for use:

    1. Start shaving experience with Van Der Lovett shaving soap. Soak brush in hot water
    2. Load brush by rotating it over the soap using light pressure
    3. Apply soap to your face using circular motions
    4. Shave as usual
    5. Finish with Van der Lovett's after shave balm, in your scent of choice.

      Products that are returned to us in their original state within 14 days will receive a full refund.  


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